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Improving the Business of Science

Mar 5, 2013 by
Bentley Newsroom

New Center seeks to help translate research into products. If there were a drug that could cure cancer or prevent Alzheimer’s disease, you would undoubtedly want it. But the important question is: how would such a drug be discovered and brought to market?

Bentley Receives $1.3M to Advance the Integration of Science and Business

Feb 19, 2013 by
Bentley Newsroom

The National Biomedical Research Foundation has awarded a $1.3M grant to Bentley University to establish a Center for Integration of Science and Industry, under the direction of Dr. Fred Ledley, Professor of Natural & Applied Sciences and Management. The mission of the Center will be to understand the process involved in scientific discovery leading to public value, and accelerate this process by engaging science and industry in interdisciplinary dialogue, scholarship, and education.