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Dr. Fred Ledley Testifies to Congress

Dr. Fred Ledley has been invited to testify at the House of Representative’s Committee on Energy and Commerce on June 11, 2014.

Dr. Ledley will testify before the Subcommittee on Health hearing entitled “21st Century Cures: Examining the Role of Incentives in Advancing Treatments and Cures for Patients” on Wednesday, June 11, 2014, at 10:00 a.m.   His testimony will focus on business...

Blog: How to lie with (FDA) statistics

The FDA approved 27 new drugs in 2013. Is this a downward trend? Is it an upward trend? Does it suggest that the pharmaceutical industry is failing, or that genomics is finally paying dividends? We revisit Darrell Huff’s 1954 classic How to Lie with Statistics for insights into these pressing questions.

The headline of a recent Associated Press release read “The Big Story, New drug...

Research: Business education in an age of science and technology

The global economy is increasingly driven by science and technology. Writing in an important new book about business education “Shaping the Future of Business Education : Relevance, Rigor, and Life Preparation,” Fred Ledley and Rick Oches argue that science is a critical element of business training in this age of science and technology.

Research: Making the biotech IPO work

There were more biotech IPOs in 2012-13 than in a y previous IPO window. Will these companies be able to deliver of their promise of new generations of therapeutic products and economic growth? A recent paper from the Center for Integration of Science and Industry provides a prescription for success that will require strategic business models and patience. Listen to interview on Bloomberg...

Blog: Could Human Genome Sciences have become Standard Oil?

Human Genome Sciences (HGS) was not a company with normal ambitions. At its inception, HGS aspired to dominate not only the field of genomic science, but also emerging markets for regenerative medicines designed to meet the needs of ageing populations. Fred Ledley asks whether HGS could have become the Standard Oil of our generation.

Human Genome Sciences (HGS) was not a company with...